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On this page you will find a continually-updated comprehensive resource list for Norman residents needing aid during coronavirus-related economic restrictions. This list will be updated at 9am, noon, 4pm, and 9pm daily. City, county, and state public health announcements will be posted on the home page. Each bullet point below hyperlinks to the appropriate section of the resource list.

Employees and Businesses

For employees facing reduced hours/no hours: we know none of these options are perfect solutions. Until federal emergency aid is passed, nothing will truly fix the problem. But we hope that having these conversations can yield some positive results to make things a little better in the meantime. 

  • Landlord: talk to your landlord to see about possibly skipping a payment or two. The months missed could be added on to the end of the year’s lease, or spread out and added to your remaining months. 

  • Mortgage company: call your mortgage company and ask to be provided information on what the company is willing to do for customers experiencing financial difficulty. Ask to skip a payment or two and what company policy is for addressing repayment. 

  • Electric utilities: some companies have made formal policy changes

    • OG&E: has announced suspension of electric disconnect orders for 30 days to help customers affected by the pandemic. 

    • OEC: suspending late fees and disconnections until further notice. (405) 321-2024

  • Telecommunications (cell phone/internet/TV): some telecommunications companies have made formal policy changes (many of these links go to the same page, as many telecom companies signed pledges for the same policy changes)

    • Cox: pledges to not disconnect service due to failure to pay, waive late fees, and open all Wifi hotspots for free use. Call to ensure you are included in these changes. Cox will also offer its Connect2Compete low-income service with the first month FREE (instead of the usual $9.95) for eligible residents. (800) 234-3993

    • AT&T/DirecTV: commitment to no termination of home phone, internet, or wireless service due to pandemic-related inability to pay, waive late fees, open Wifi hotspots. Call if experiencing hardship so this policy can be applied to you. (800) 288-2020

    • Verizon: pledges to not disconnect service due to failure to pay, waive late fees. Call to ensure this policy change can be applied to you. (800) 922-0204

    • DISH: no formal policy announcement as of 1:15pm on 3/17/2020

    • T-Mobile: unlimited data on all wireless plans for the next 60 days, 20 gigs of hotspot tethering, will work with you on financial circumstances. Please call. (800) 937-8997

  • Emergency PTO/FMLA/Sick Leave: H.R. 6201, the “Families First Coronavirus Response Act”, aims to provide emergency paid time off, sick leave, and FMLA leave for employees needing treatment for coronavirus, needing time off to care for a sick loved one, or whose children are out of school. As of 3pm on 3/16/2020, the bill needed to be heard by the Senate and signed by the President. Early reports of the bill include the following: 

    • Emergency paid sick days: bill provides for 14 days of sick leave for those undergoing quarantine, caring for a sick loved one, or caring for children out of school. For businesses with less than 50 employees, the cost will be reimbursed.

    • Emergency paid leave: creates a new emergency paid leave program for workers who are sick with COVID-19, quarantined, caring for a sick loved one, or a child out of school due a coronavirus-related closure. The benefits are for one month, and would be ⅔ of the employee’s salary. Those receiving funds through employment-related unemployment programs or receiving pay are not eligible. 

    • Expanded unemployment: directs $2 billion to state governments to expand unemployment programs, waive work search requirements or waiting periods for those diagnosed with COVID-19 or who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic.

    •  Expanded SNAP/WIC: directs an additional $1 billion to SNAP, WIC, and the emergency food assistance program. 


For businesses facing reduced revenues: The beginnings of federal assistance are emerging, but there are Oklahoma-specific steps that need to be taken first. The above employee assistance should help provide some relief to your employees. In addition:

  • Landlord/mortgage company: Contact your landlord or mortgage company and let them know you are starting to experience disruptions in your business due to coronavirus. Ask them how they can work with you to reduce your current overhead and make it up later (on the back end of the year or amortized over your remaining payments). 

  • Bank: if you are working with a traditional lender on a loan, ask the lender to move you to interest only payments for the next two months and possibly refinance your loans with the new interest rates. 

  • Utility companies: like utility companies are doing with consumers, ask your utility companies to work with you on payment arrangements and maintaining service during the pandemic. 

  • Business credit card: call your credit card company and ask what programs/options you have to spread out payments or continue to buy essential business supplies during the pandemic.

  • SBA Disaster Economic Impact Loans: The SBA has been ordered to offer disaster economic impact loans for affected businesses. 

    • Current status in Oklahoma: According to the Oklahoma SBA administrator, as of 3:30pm 3/16/2020, an additional declaration from Governor Stitt is required to authorize economic impact loans to affected Oklahoma businesses. 

      • If you are a business affected by the pandemic, please send an email to Governor Stitt’s Chief of Staff and ask the governor to make the necessary declaration to allow the SBA to offer loans in Oklahoma.  

    • Information on how to apply when SBA loans are  available: when SBA loans are available, the application will be submitted online (link will be added here). To prepare, the below documents provide some details:


City Websites and Alert Systems


Hotlines & Websites

  • State of Oklahoma COVID-19 Resources - a resource for Oklahomans to find services and information related to the COVID-19 virus

  • Oklahoma Works COVID-19 Information - an update on unemployment insurance, American Job Centers, companies hiring, resources, and other workforce needs

  • OK Department of Health Coronavirus Hotline - Call (877) 215-8336 to identify if you need testing or treatment. The Call Center is available from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday and 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturdays. El centro de llamadas tiene disponible intérpretes hispanohablantes. The Call Center can also connect callers to Spanish-speaking interpreters.

  • Price gouging - If you see price gouging at any store, report it to the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Unit at (405) 521-2029

  • Women’s Resource Center P.O. Box 5089, Norman, Ok 73070 wrc@wrcweb.net

    • WRC Business line: 405-364-9424
    • WRC Fax line: 405-364-4888
    • Domestic Violence Shelter: 405-701-5497

    • Domestic Violence Crisis Line: 405-701-5540

    • Rape Crisis Center: 405-701-5550

    • Sexual Violence Crisis Line: 405-701-5660​​​​​



Household Supplies

Baby Supplies

Housing/Rent Assistance

  • Legal Aid of Oklahoma - willing to provide legal advice to tenants and accepting applications for pro bono representation. Call (405) 360-6631 or (888) 534-5243.  


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